About Club Equestrian

About Club Equestrian

We are a husband and wife team both passionate about training horses and riders. Fortunate to have trained with some of the worlds leading trainers we have gained valuable experience and knowledge enabling us to produce many successful horses and riders. We have also trained many college equine students towards BHS exams and equine diploma's.


At Club Equestrian we want to give children the best foundation to progress to the highest level in their riding, whilst having fun with friends and enjoying the day to day care of looking after horses. We both have  so many wonderful childhood pony memories, Dickon can remember vividly his first riding lesson at the age of 7, including the name of the pony and the instructor. I too can remember my first lesson. Later I remember long sunny days bathing ponies and collecting hay bales until dusk, cold crisp mornings, keeping warm from the steam off the midden. I even recall fondly the rainy days, trudging across muddy fields to catch wet ponies and bringing them into their cosy stables.

Horses and ponies appreciate quiet, sympathetic riders. Club Equestrian trains riders to be in balance and harmony with their horse. Our team of fabulous ponies look after their riders, allowing  them to progress and gain in confidence quickly.

We are passionate about sourcing quality horses and ponies and have many contacts that we can trust. We have been fortunate to have sourced many superstars from ultimate first, safe ponies to Nations team and 5 star horses. We want the horses and ponies we sell to not only make their new owners happy but themselves be suited to their new homes. If we feel that any horse or pony we have for sale is not suited to the person trying them we will be honest. There is nothing that satisfies us more than seeing horses and ponies we have sourced flourish in their new homes. 

We look forward to welcoming you at Club Equestrian and hope we can give your children memories to treasure.

Dickon Carus BHSI and Sarah Carus BHSI (SM) 

We Offer




Sourcing and sale of quality ponies and horses.

Ben Carus and the lovely Miffy