I rode as a child but have not ridden for years can I book a private lessson

Yes, if you owned your own horse or pony and were confident cantering and jumping then you would more than likely be capable of riding off the lead. If you rode for spells at a local riding school or went riding on holiday then we would recommend you start on the lead rein. Please state when booking in the comments section if you reuire a leader.

When do you think Club and Class lessons will resume?

It is difficult to answer this questions as no one really knows but we shall follow the government recommendations and notify all members as soon as we get the go ahead.

Can an adult and a child ride together in a shared lesson?

Yes as long as they are from the same household and they meet all the criteria listed when booking.

My son/daughter/freind/partner/relative has never ridden what lesson should I book?

You will need to book a 1/2hr private lesson if your child is 7yrs or older, book the same lesson for an adult. If your child is 4-6yrs please book a 4-6yrs lead rein lesson.

What age can my child start riding

The youngest age we teach children from is 4yrs

How many private lessons will it take for my child to ride off the lead rein and join a class lesson?

It usually takes 4-6 lessons but can vary depending on the following: How well coordinated and balanced your child is, some children naturally sit in a good balance on the pony and have good co-ordination. How strong and sporty your child is, tiny very slight children sometimes find it more difficult, usal children good at sports progress quicker. How confident they are, nervous children tend to take longer to get their confidence, having said that our ponies are very quiet and sensible and our instructors patient and encouraging so nerves are soon conquered. How long between lessons, if lessons are close together , say a week apart then children tend to improve quicker . The quickest we have had a child off the lead rein is 2 lessons but that is unusual!

Do you have to be a member to ride at Club Equestrian?

No you don't but if your son/daughter is enjoying riding and wants to ride every week becoming a member will save you 25% on class lessons.