Loan a Pony at Club Equestrian

Loaning a horse or Pony

Loaning a horse/pony is just like having your own horse without the same financial or time commitment.

Loanees get to care for and ride their horse/pony and treat them as if they were their own


We love our horses to get one to one attention and to be someones best friend, it's also great for them to get off site and enjoy a hack out or a trip to a show.

We provide supervision for children who loan ponies from 4pm - 6.30pm on  Thursdays and Fridays, so busy parents can drop off their children in the knowledge they will be safe both handing and riding our ponies.

All our ponies are safe to handle and are schoolmasters to ride so are perfect as first horse/ponies.

To loan a pony you must become a Platinum member for prices and more details of our Platinum membership click here

Platinum members have all the benefits of a Gold member plus the loan of a pony.

If you would like to find out more about loaning a pony or have any questions please contact Sarah .