Available from the Thurs 21st May.

This is a 1/2 hr shared private lesson for two riders. To book this lesson the riders must be:

7yrs or older,

able to ride in walk and trot off the lead rein as we cannot lead riders,

be established at rising trot and in full control of their horse/pony, 

have their own ridng hat (this must be to current British safety standards and be correctly fitted) and riding boots.

both riders must be from the same household.


Note.We can provide hire of hats and riding boots for the duration of the pandemic for £10 each).

Under 12 stone.


Unfortunately any riders that on arrival  do not fulfill the above criteria will be unable to ride, the safety of our staff and riders is paramount as is the welfare of our horses and ponies.


Once you have booked wel will contact you with your ride time.


Please note the price for two riders is £70 (£35 each)


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Private Riding Lesson for two riders

First choice of pony
2nd choice of pony
Day and time of lesson
First choice of pony , for 2nd rider
Second choice of pony for 2nd rider
Week Commencing
  • Please ensure riders come prepared with their own correctly fitting hat  ( this must comply with current British safety standard) and riding boots, you will also need to wear gloves. 

    On arrival please go to the top metal gate which takes you onto the outdoor yard and to the wooden gate to the arena. Please wait on the grass by the arena maintaining socail distancing with any other persons. Please under no circumstances enter the stable yard and whilst tempting do not touch any of  the ponies. 

    The tack will be disinfected before and after every rider.

    Your riding instructor will wear a mask and gloves to assist you to mount, the mask will be taken off whilst teaching so you can clearly hear your riding instructor.

    Once you have finsihed your lesson please remember social distancing as you leave and remember not to stroke the ponies on the yard or over their windows. Please remember not to enter the stable yard.

    Please be assured that we have given careful consideration to the safest way to operate and have undertaken the relevant risk assessmentsin line with guidance from rlevant governemnt bodies. 



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