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Do you want your own pony ?

Maybe you've been thinking of loaning a pony and would like a trial week, well now is your chance. Loaning a pony is a big commitment so you need to be sure that its something you really want to do. If you are desperate to loan a pony but can't afford our Platinum membership then why not share a pony with a friend to reduce costs. If you would like to share a Platinum membership then let us know and we will see if there is someone you could pair up with. All we ask is that between you , you give your pony the best love and care you can.

If you would like a private lesson on a particular pony during half term then why not get in touch, remember Gold members receive a 20% discount and Silver members a 10% discount.

Thinking of buying a pony or would like to keep a pony on livery at Club Equestrian we have a few stables available. We can offer DIY. Part , Full or working livery.


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Club Equestrian

Cuerden farm Barn,

Wigan Rd, Leyland PR255SB