Where it all started

Dickon Carus BHSI, riding Quality VH owned by long time friend Sarah Allwood. Quality VH went onto great success with Sarah who then handed over the reins to Steven Smith with whom he was long listed for the Irish Olympic team.

Sarah Carus BHSI (sm), riding Magic Wish at the Sommerford Premier League.

Ben Carus schooling Junior Cross country, bought in Ireland as a green 7yr old, produced by Ben,  now sold to event rider Emma Hobday. Below Tigger bought  locally as a 3 yr old from Debbie Spibey, produced by Ben and shown below competing at HOYS with Allan Clutterbuck.

Where it all Started


Bought as a ram shackle farm in 2002 we wanted to build an equestrian centre with a gym that was a great place for horses and riders to train and spend time. Whilst the yard was built by 2003 and the horses were living in the lap of luxury, we lived in the mobile home, fondly know as the shed with our two young boys Ben and Tom then aged to 2 and 3. It was 5yrs later before the business had developed enough for us to convert the barn and move into the house.


Dickon continued to work at Myerscough college teaching, shortly afterwards leaving to become development officer for the British Horse Society. Sarah gave up her job also as a lecturer and course manager at Myerscough to look after her young boys and develop the business.


By 2007 we had 150 members, Dickon was now full time at home doing most of the teaching alongside 4 super girls who we trained from leaving school. We had 30 children riding a night and Club Equestrian was a hive of activity.


In 2012 with Ben and Tom now aged 13 and 12 and at secondary school, were busy with their hobbies and we decided to downsize the business to spend more time as a family. It was at this point Nicole Blair who had been with us since leaving school (still here on livery) took over the management of the riding school at Club Equestrian and did a wonderful job. After two years Nicole stepped down to start a family and the riding school and Gym were leased. Matt Proctor setting up the ever growing MPower Studio.


With our boys both grown up now, one an experienced horseman himself we decided it was time to take back the management of the riding school.


We have a wealth of experience training both horses and riders and want to teach the riders here at Club Equestrian to ride well and give them the foundation to progress to competition riders, should they choose. More importantly we want it to be a fun and safe place to enjoy spending time with friends and horses.